Past Meeting Resources


Didn’t make it to a meeting?  We have you covered.  

The SPC Outreach committee prepares and sends ‘Takeaways” to SPC Representatives within a week after each meeting.  Takeaways are informal notes made with key points made at the meeting.  This is the information we ask SPC Reps to share with their school communities.  

The SPC Communications teams follow up by posting a blog entry for each meeting.  We do our best to include documents approved at the meeting, power points, videos, resources, pictures and everything else you need to get the information you may have missed.

We do our best to make everything available as soon as possible. With help from more volunteers, we would be able to do it faster.  Please consider volunteering on one of our committees!

February 12, 2020: Student Nutrition 

January 15, 2020: Student Mental Health

December 11, 2019: Community Service Learning

November 13, 2019: Differentiated Learning in SUSD

October 2, 2019: Prevent Bullying

September 24, 2019: Special Event: Gifted Education

September 11, 2o19: SUSD 101: Governance & Funding

August 14, 2019: Unity Through Diversity

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General Meetings

SPC holds at least 8 general monthly meetings every school year. The purpose of these meetings is to provide a forum for each school community’s parent voice through its SPC Representatives.  Additionally, we provide educational programming relevant to the entire district community at each general meeting.

Special Events

In addition to the programming at general meetings, our committees work to provide additional programming and events focusing on more specific issues affecting our SUSD educational community.  


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