About Committees

Committees are the operating system of Scottsdale Parent Council.

There are two types of committees at SPC. Special Committees are used to serve a specific purpose and are limited in their duration.  Standing committees are used to operate the Scottsdale Parent Council.  They are ongoing.

Special Committee Chairpersons are assigned by the Executive Board, as needed.  Standing Committee Chairs are SPC Vice Presidents. They are elected by the voting members of Scottsdale Parent Council. Committees may consist of one or more people.

General expectations for board and committee members: 

All committees meet as often as needed.  Meetings may be virtual or in-person as determined by the Chairperson.

Specific qualities and expectations for a successful committee: 

    • Works in a constructive way with staff, parents
    • Can keep personal issues separate from the committee
    • Sincere desire to help all SUSD students
    • The collaborative and inclusive spirit
    • All committee members should be involved in developing programs
    • All stakeholders represented on the committee
    • Any identified (legitimate) problems with schools passed to school or district for resolution
    • Communication of programs, issues, and resources
    • Training of facilitators
    • Use of expert speakers
    • Strict vetting for research-based proven topics and methodology
    • Commitment of time
    • Ability to listen
    • A healthy sense of humor and a thick skin

Expectations for Special Committee Chairpersons:

Chairpersons must be a parent or guardian of an SUSD student.  Priority is given to SPC Reps and existing general members.

Chairpersons are responsible for submitting a brief, monthly summary of the activities of the committee to be published in The Post.  The summaries can be in video format, including pictures, or simply take form as a brief paragraph. Chairpersons are also responsible for submitting announcements/and or reminders relevant to their committee for monthly general meetings. 

Read more about each Special Committee:

Standing Committees are committees that are perpetual and serve as the operating system of SPC.  Chairpersons of these committees are elected board members. Standing committees may consist of 1 or more individuals. Volunteers are always needed for these committees.  Find out more about what these roles are here: