The Programming Committee is responsible for the overall coordination of the content of programs for the monthly general meetings.


  •   Increase the knowledge, participation, and partnership of parents/guardians by identifying programming needs to educate and inform family members about trends and best practices in child and adolescent well-being, PK12 education, as well as SUSD district and school structures, governance, funding, and opportunities for their child(ren). 

Activities may include:

  •     Select dates for the monthly general meetings to be approved by the executive board 
  • Work with executive board members to ensure that a cohesive theme for the programming is developed, the general programming is districtwide in scope and aligned with the mission and purpose of SPC.
    • Survey district parents and guardians about topics they would like to explore with SPC
    • Collaborate with the district leadership to plan strategically to inform and educate parents and guardians about district policies, organization, processes, structure and budget
    • Recommend pro bono/or those professional speakers who will lower their fee for the executive board to consider, for future SPC monthly meetings or special programming
  • Project manage special events and general monthly SPC meeting
    • Identifying presenters for each meeting
    • Ensuring that the topics and speakers are appropriate and provide an overall flow between topics.
    • Securing the required facilities, equipment and support for general meetings
    • Work with Communications Committee to promote events to parents and throughout the district
    • Follow-up with presenters after the meeting as needed
  • Volunteer at events/meetings  (videography, photography)

If you are interested in volunteering for programming, please click here.

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