November 2019 The Post: Advocacy

The Post – Advocacy 11/24/19


The 2019 Maintenance and Operations Override passed! Thank you to all SUSD voters who supported this important ballot measure.  

The election may be over, but the AZ State Legislative session begins in less than 50 days on January 13th!  Our legislators already have bills waiting to be introduced on opening day:

  • Representative John Fillmore, from Apache Junction, is sponsoring HB 2005, which proposes to remove the word “dating” from a current AZ law, a law which gives schools the authority to teach kids about dating abuse.  Bottom line – by removing the word “dating” schools won’t have to address the issue of dating violence in the classroom. 
    •  The bill would also ban all “instruction or advice” related to dating in schools.

The Advocacy Committee will be creating a legislative agenda that supports the mission and goals of SPC. We will be working with other educational advocacy groups and surveying members to see what educational issues are most important to them.  If bills like HB 2005 interest you, please consider joining the Advocacy Committee and/or joining the Advocacy Committee FB page! 

To sign up for the Advocacy Committee please use this link –

To get updates from the  FB SPC Advocacy page please follow the link below and click on “Join”