The Advocacy committee is responsible for supporting the mission and purpose of the SPC. We will collaborate with other SPC committees in order to meet the needs of the community. Our members will work towards advancing local and statewide legislation and policy to benefit the education of all SUSD students.  


The Communications committee is responsible for developing, updating and monitoring SPC’s communications policies, social networking accounts, and electronic discussion groups, as well as recommending new ways for the SPC to communicate with its members and other interested parties through alternative media. 


The Outreach committee is responsible for creating an inclusive climate by establishing and maintaining relationships and partnerships with SPC’s member school representatives, general members, community organizations and others.  The overarching goal of outreach is to develop, coordinate and learn about programs that provide community support within the framework of the SPC mission and purpose focusing on student success.


The Programming Committee is responsible for the overall coordination of the content of programs for the monthly general meetings. Its mission is to increase the knowledge, participation, and partnership of parents/guardians by identifying programming needs to educate and inform family members about trends and best practices in child and adolescent well-being, PK12 education, as well as SUSD district and school structures, governance, funding, and opportunities for their child(ren). 

Bully Prevention

Volunteers commit to investigating best practices among SUSD schools to reduce and prevent bullying. The group will research how SUSD best practices compare to evidence-based recommendations of experts that address and decrease bullying. Committee recommendations will be shared with SPC and if desired by SPC school representatives, presented to the SUSD cabinet and Governing Board.


Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

The goal is to establish a commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion and create a plan of outreach and engagement to serve that purpose.

Special Education

The goal is to establish a network of support and a plan of outreach for parents and guardians of students with special needs so that they can help their children maximize their potential.


ABOUT SPC Committees

SPC Standing committees serve an ongoing, continuous function and operate indefinitely. Their function usually deals with organizational and operational procedures, or with specific permanent features of SPC programs.

A Special committee serves a specific purpose and a specific time frame. 

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