Takeaways. April 2020

We were so grateful to have ShaRon Rea, certified Family Communication and Relationships Coach and owner of The Whole Family Coaching, join us for our very first virtual Zoom general meeting to discuss “better family communication during all this time together.”  ShaRon welcomes you to share her presentation with parents in your school communities (link below).

One of the many main takeaways?  We all communicate differently (including our kids).  When we understand how our loved ones “hear,” we can adjust our ways of communicating to be better understood and heard by our loved ones.  What kind of communicator are you?  What kind of communicators live at your home?  To learn more, look HERE

For more information about ShaRon’s services, please go to www.thewholefamilycoaching.com

General Announcements:

  • If your school community has concerns, questions, celebrations, or successes that you would like to share with SPC, please submit a rep agenda item.  Approximately one week prior to our monthly general meetings, each rep should receive an email request for rep agenda items (aka rep announcements).  Please let us know if you are not receiving these emails.  Often times parents throughout the district have the same questions or concerns.  By sharing these items with our membership, we can better address them as a community. 
  • Help our organization grow by offering your fresh ideas and perspectives.  We are looking for volunteers to chair/co-chair our standing committees!  Please take a look at some of the opportunities HERE
  • Mark your calendars for our May virtual Zoom general meeting, May 13th at 6 PM.  We will round out the school year by celebrating our school communities and our volunteers!  If you know an individual who has served on the SPC board at any time since its beginnings in 1977, please let us know.  

Thank you for your support! Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Brehan King, bking@scottsdaleparentcouncil.org

Emmie Cardella, ecardella@scottsdaleparentcouncil.org

Co-Chairs of Outreach