Voter Information

Scottsdale Parent Council is a nonpartisan organization. As permitted byIRS 501 (c)(3) we provide information about voting and issues that affect the quality of education for our children. 

We do not endorse candidates but do educate candidates on issues affecting the education of SUSD students.   

Get information about voting, including early voting, election results, polling locations, and voter registration from the Maricopa County Recorder’s office.  

Register to vote online thru the Motor Vehicles Department in either English or Spanish (see link at right).

Voters who are not affiliated with any political party (Independent) and who are on the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL) will NOT automatically receive a ballot for a Partisan Primary Election.  They must request the political party ballot they wish to receive – REP, DEM, GRN, AEL or City/Town Only ballot, when applicable. Look for a postcard in the mail that allows you to select the ballot you want to receive for an upcoming election. For questions, call 602-506-1511. NOTE: Independent voters must change their voter registration to reflect a political party in order to participate in the Presidential Primary Election (PPE).

Early Ballots Requests can be made:
 – by phone 602-506-1511
 – or online HERE

Election Day Voters
Voters who are not affiliated with any political party (Independent) who choose to vote at the polls will make their party ballot selection on Election Day.