Equity & Diversity

Equity & Diversity Committee

The goal is to establish a commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion and create a plan of outreach and engagement to serve that purpose. Potential actions include

  • Providing materials or events in multiple languages

  • Having members who find and attend free training sessions such as male engagement training, special needs training, cultural competence training (including e-learning), Spanish language training (including e-learning), or military family training

  • Conducting outreach, networking and events focused on the specific needs and opportunities related to the circumstances of families with children in foster care; or inner-city urban, rural or suburban families; or immigrant, refugee or homeless families

  • Conducting outreach, networking and events designed to engage multicultural communities, including African American families, Hispanic/Latino families, Asian American families, American Indian/Alaska Native families, Pacific Islander American families, families involved in foster care, and families with LGTBQ members

  • Increasing male presence and perspectives in SPC at all levels and in all activities

  • Addressing issues specific to families with children who have special needs, military families, and families with gifted children

  • Hosting or participating in diversity summits, town halls or community gatherings devoted to children’s educational success and well-being

  • Working with the standing committees to assure all collaboration and reach. 

Contact: Lpalles@scottsdaleparentcouncil.org, kgifford@scottsdaleparentcouncil.org