Most frequent questions and answers about Scottsdale Parent Council

Scottsdale Parent Council, Inc. is a nonpartisan, nonsectarian Arizona nonprofit corporation founded solely for the charitable purpose to advance the welfare and education of all students in SUSD. 

SPC promotes communication and collaborative relationships between all SUSD stakeholders, and supports and advocates for ALL SUSD students through its programming, outreach, communications and advocacy. 

Scottsdale Parent Council is a separate legal entity with its own tax identification number and insurance.  SPC is autonomous from Scottsdale Unified School District. SUSD recognizes SPC as a support organization and, as such, works with us to advance our purpose and mission.  SPC is NOT a site council and does not make district policy, nor choose curriculum for SUSD schools. Further, we are not employees of SUSD.  

SPC consists of an Executive Board of Directors (officers), Executive Committee (standing committee chairs), SPC Representatives (voting members) and General Members (non-voting members).  

There are four standing committees of SPC: 1) Programming 2) Outreach 3) Communications and 4) Advocacy.

SPC helps every student by empowering families with informative and educational programming, filling in the gaps of communication, and by facilitating a network of volunteers: parents, families, business owners, neighbors and friends who unite through our mission.  

Scottsdale Parent Council (SPC) has been a valued organization working alongside, yet autonomously from, Scottsdale Unified School District since 1977.  SPC was formed to advocate for the educational needs of all students in our large and diverse district.  We are a nonpartisan, nonsectarian Arizona nonprofit corporation.  




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