2020/21 Executive Board


Emmie Cardella, Cheyenne Traditional & Chaparral Learning Community

I have deep roots in SUSD, having attended schools in the Coronado Complex from K through 12 and having several family members work for the district. I have been an SUSD parent for the past ten years, currently with three children at Cheyenne and Chaparral. Throughout this time, I have held leadership positions at Cheyenne, along with many of the organizations my children have participated in.

Professionally, my educational background is in Economics and I have worked for nearly two decades in the Finance industry. For much of that time, I have worked in a part-time, flexible capacity, enabling me to volunteer for causes I am passionate about.


Cindy Krawcyzyk, Arcadia Learning Community

My name is Cindy Krawczyk and I have four children in the Scottsdale Unified School District. I have a son that will be a senior at Arcadia High School, a son that will be a seventh grader at Ingleside Middle School, and twin girls that will be in the fifth grade at Hopi Elementary School. I am motivated to be a part of this board because I understand the importance of parent involvement with school and district leadership. I believe the collaboration of parents from all of the different schools in our district is what makes SPC so important. I have served on PTA/PTO Exec Boards at both Hopi and Arcadia and also Chaired/Co-Chaired several committees in-between. Over the past two years I have served as Co-President at Arcadia High School and have worked very closely with leadership as well as the SUSD Governing Board. In addition to PTA/PTO duties, i have also served on Exec Boards for boys team charity, AHS Baseball Booster Club and Arcadia Little League.

Jill Mullen, Saguaro Learning Community

My name is Jill Mullen and I am a parent of four daughters in SUSD. My oldest daughter will be a senior at Saguaro High School. I will have a freshman at Saguaro, 6th grader at Mohave, and a fourth grade daughter at Navajo. The 2020-2021 school year will be our 13th year in the district. Hard to believe! My family lives in south Scottsdale and we LOVE our community. I have been the president of Navajo Elementary’s PTO for the past couple of years and prior to that served in other positions on the board. I have served as co vice president on Mohave’s PTO board for three years in total. Next school year I will be serving as co president on the Mohave PTO board. I teach at a private preschool, Valley Day School, which is also in the Saguao complex of Schools. I’d love to be a part of the SPC board. I am interested in the vice president of outreach. If this position is not available then I am open to taking another vice president position that will suit my strengths and contribute to the SPC. I would like to be a part of the bigger picture in SUSD and be a voice for the schools in the south Scottsdale boundaries. Thank you and I look forward to working with the SPC.


Megan Prince, Saguaro Learning Community

I am the proud parent of two girls who have attended Navajo Elementary for the last 6 years, one of which is now headed to Mohave Middle School.

I have been a member of the Navajo Elementary PTO for five years, four of those as chairperson for our Valentine Social and Auction, while in the position of treasurer for three of those years as well. Our focus has been to bring together the community around the school to support and benefit our teachers and students. I feel we have been very successful in this especially with the turbulence our school has been through in the last two years.

Over the last year as co-secretary and co-communications chair for SPC, I tried to bring this same focus to build community. This year has been very beneficial to helping me get to know the district, it’s parents and the unique successes and challenges of our schools. Remaining on the board this year in a different capacity will allow me to broaden my impact and help move SPC into a more positive budget through fundraising. This will allow SPC to continue to provide excellent programming and to fund projects members choose to sponsor.

Vice Presidents of Advocacy

Holly Davidson, Saguaro Learning Community

I am Holly Davidson, a proud Scottsdale Unified School District parent of two young boys attending Pueblo Elementary School.

My first experience with the Scottsdale Parent Council (SPC) was in March of 2020 when I attended the general meeting focused on Safety. I was impressed by the organization of the meeting, the expertise of the speakers, and the passion of the SPC leaders. Most importantly I learned several ways to improve the safety and protection of children. I walked away from that meeting thinking I may want to become more involved with SPC in the future, but not knowing exactly how or when.

That meeting was less than four months ago and how times have changed. As we all know, these last months have been filled with a global pandemic, a plummeting economy, and a racial uprising. With these events comes uncertainty, fear, anxiety, restlessness, and so much more – not just for adults but also for our children. I am interested in the VP of Advocacy position because I want to help parents learn about the legislation that will support their children in these tumultuous times, and to help find organizations that will partner with SUSD to support all of our children in a year that is bound to be more stressful and difficult than most.

So far, I have written about the doom and gloom of 2020, but I am not pessimistic. I know that if we advocate for our children there is hope. I see hope every day in my career as a pediatric nurse. I have worked in pediatrics for more than 12 years, as a bedside nurse in the NICU, as a clinical research nurse, as a manager, and for the past five years as a quality and patient safety nurse. In healthcare, stress and sadness and fear and anxiety are almost always present. But so is HOPE.

I see the VP of Advocacy position as a vessel for channeling this hope into action.

Pamela R. Smith, Arcadia Learning Community

Pamela R Smith is a Pittsburgh born and raised native. Pamela and her family relocated to the Arcadia area in 2014. Pamela currently is the office administrator for MRM Construction Services, Inc. MRM is a Department of Defense Contractor that continues to facilitate United States infrastructures. Pamela is a current student at Grand Canyon University working on her Dual Degree in Communications and Business Management. With continued sacrifices from serving in the United States Army as a Sargent with the Intelligence Battalion to becoming the President and Founder of AroadtoAmazing Initiative, Inc. my Nonprofit established in Arizona, that helps youth and Veterans. Pamela continues to strive to assist her communities with involvement that leads to change. I represent a diverse demographic of Scottsdale and look forward to allowing the works to speak for themselves. Pamela devotes her time to family, community and her friends and with that she will devote the same motivation and enthusiasm with being a part of the Scottsdale Parent Council.

Vice President of Communication

Brad Duell, Chaparral Learning Community

I have been a parent in SUSD for 7 years. I have two awesome children, one that attends Sequoya Elementary and one that attends Cocopah Middle. While I have been involved in helping support the SPC over the past two years with initiatives involving emergency preparedness and health, I have found that my background in technology can be further utilized in communications with the SPC. I have acted as the Chair of Education Technology for Parents for the SPC over the past year (including during SUSD’s move to distance education), and have continued to support helping with modifications and improvements to the SPC’s website (and any other technological needs).

I work as a full-time Firefighter and paramedic, and on my off days I run a software development company that specializes in back-end programming for customized business needs. I developed the audio and video content delivery systems for BruinCast, which UCLA uses to deliver it’s online courses.

Vice Presidents of Outreach

Batool “Lulu” Faraj, Desert Mountain Learning Community

My name is Batool “Lulu” Faraj and I have been a Scottsdale resident for 8 years. I have 4 children ages 11, 13, 15, and 17 all of which attend Scottsdale Public Schools. My oldest recently graduated and will attend Arizona State University in the fall. Our home schools are Anasazi Elementary School, Mountainside Middle School, and Desert Mountain High School. I served on Anasazi’s Site Committee for 2 years, where we crafted a new mission/vision statement and revised policy and procedures, aligning the ideals and requirements of both SUSD and the International Baccalaureate Program. This is also my second year serving as VP of Choir Boosters at Desert Mountain High School. Some of you may also recognize me from the numerous hours I have spent volunteering at my children’s schools and chaperoning field trips over the years. I am interested in the Position, VP of Outreach, because I believe in a strong school-community connection. I am an advocate of equity and inclusion as well as open and clear communication between all stakeholders, and I am ready to put in the work. I care about our community and our schools and would love the opportunity to serve as VP out Outreach for Scottsdale Parent Council.

Kyra King, Desert Mountain Learning Community

I am a parent of two boys, ages 7 and 2. My oldest son attends Desert Canyon Elementary School, and is going into 2nd grade this year. Last year was his first year at Desert Canyon and our first year as a family residing here in Scottsdale. Since we moved here from the east coast, I have been wanting to get involved with the community. Last school year, I attended a few meetings for the Parent Council, getting to know the district and hoping to be able to offer help wherever needed. The opportunity arose recently, when I became aware of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee. I am very excited about the role I now have and look forward to making positive changes in our schools for all of our children, especially the marginalized.

The executive board positions were brought to my attention, in the event that I wanted further involvement. Upon looking into it, I believe I would be a great addition to the team as VP of Outreach. I am passionate about our schools and students, so I embrace any work that needs to be done in order to further our goals. As a natural leader and collaborator, I would be a good point person for upcoming or continuing projects.

I have been attending meetings for a number of different non-profit organizations, and recently signed on to represent the YWCA for my platform as Miss Scottsdale. I have already spoken to them about some possible collaborative events coming up in the fall that could benefit our schools. The connections I am making and continue to make could be a great asset to SPC’s missions. I look forward to learning more about this role (if I am chosen) and all of the great work Scottsdale Parent Council is doing. I hope to be a part of some meaningful projects, help manage events so they go smoothly, and offer support, guidance, ideas, and implementation where it is needed!

Vice Presidents of Programming

Jill Lassen, Desert Mountain Learning Community

I am a new librarian and an ardent community volunteer and activist. My past work history includes libraries (academic and public) and many aspects of education including early education and up through higher education. I have been a member of Scottsdale Parent Council (SPC) going on three years now, working alongside other supportive parents in the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion committee in my first year. When I’m not working on one of my many “passion projects” I am a mom to a thoughtful and creative third-grade kiddo from Anasazi Elementary and a longtime partner to a healthcare worker. I believe that whatever we do in SPC this upcoming year, it has to involve thoughtful (but uncomfortable) discussions on racism for both parents and children, as this is relevant to every single committee across the board. There needs to be an intense focus on equity with everything (seemingly) moving to virtual and that has to be reflected right here in this very organization. Our programming will require a lot more planning to ensure that we are providing high-quality and engaging programs that parents continually come back to each month. We will need an even greater connection to our district leaders and principals than ever before, as well as commitments from them to support us as we support them.

Ali Robbins, Cheyenne Traditional

My passion to support advocacy for children and parents runs deep. I am new in the Scottsdale Unified School District, and a first-year member of the Scottsdale Parent Council. I have three children attending Cheyenne School this fall. I’m currently the managing member of Seven Investments. Since 2003, I am responsible for all donations with charitable organizations, foundations, and educational initiatives. I have been a longtime advocate for children and education. I have served on many boards, including the Arizona Coyotes Foundation, Children’s Justice Center, Basis Scottsdale West, and La Casa Preschool. My duties have included, Secretary, Treasurer, and Fundraising Chair. In 2016, I founded Love for Hope, a program within the Children’s Justice Center for abused kids, working with local law enforcement. I have developed many programs within schools, including starting the Basis Scottsdale West booster club. With my board experience, it was important to research SPC and their initiatives, and can say unequivocally, I strongly support SPC and their mission. Parents and children have conversations in anonymity and whether it’s a quiet loud voice or a loud quiet one, you need an organization advancing the welfare and education of your child. I’m confident my background and skills make me a strong VP of Programming candidate that will continue to build the SPC community and advance your kids well-being.

Vice Presidents of SPC Representatives

Rachel Feitlinger, Cheyenne Traditional, Chaparral High School

Hi, my name is Rachel Feitlinger and I am interested in serving on Scottsdale Parent Council Board as the Co-VP of SPC Representatives. We have two daughters in the Scottsdale Unified School District; one will be an 8th grader at Cheyenne Traditional School and the other will be a 10th grader at Chaparral High School. Both girls started at Cheyenne in kindergarten. I have been a very involved parent at Cheyenne. I was president of the PTO for 3 years, treasurer for 2 years, immediate past president for 1 year, sat on site council for 2 years and have chaired and volunteered on many different committees including our major fundraisers. I have currently been serving as an interim Co-VP of SPC Representatives this summer to help get through these unusual times. I am interested in getting more involved with SPC to help improve all our Scottsdale schools. I feel it’s important to have strong leaders who will communicate and represent all of our schools and parents. This upcoming year is going to be very different and I hope that SPC can help by working with our administration to get us through this as a team. I look forward to using my experience and knowledge to serve on the SPC board. Thank you for this opportunity.

Rose Munoz, Desert Mountain Learning Community

My name is Rose Munoz and my daughter is a rising sophomore at Desert Mountain HighSchool. I have a B.A. in British & American Literature with a minor in Spanish and a M.A. inOrganizational Management. I am certified to teach in both Texas and Arizona with K-12 Bilingual & ESL endorsements. I have taught PK, K, and 2nd grade in a Dual LanguageImmersion school and was a Literacy/Social Studies coach who also worked with K-6 students struggling with reading. I have specialized training to work with students with Dyslexia. I also have experience working for non- profit organizations as an Education Coordinator in a family literacy program and was a Program Manager for Early Reading First in a Head Start Program.Currently, I am an instructional coach & English instructor for an online high school. We moved to Scottsdale 4 years ago and as a single parent continued volunteering at my daughter’s school as I did in Texas. I volunteered at Desert Canyon Middle School and quickly became acquainted with Arizona’s educational system and helped support the school’s community. This past year I was Vice President of Communication in Desert Mountain’s PTO. As an educator, I know the importance of having a strong home/school partnership and the impact that parental involvement has on a child’s success in school. I hope that my over 25 years of professional experience in education and my personal experience in parental involvement in my own child’s education will benefit the SUSD community. I am especially excited to use my bilingual skills to reach a diverse group of parents and support them to contribute their voice and perspective toSPC’s mission. Thank you for considering me to serve as the VP of School Representatives.